Updated: May 17 , 2015  Our reunion is June 20th, 2015

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The band, now called “Paisley Rain” is hoping to play for us again but we will have to see if they are able to this time. In the last five years they have been rehearsing and learning new songs, and playing gigs, among other places, at the Legion on Broadway and Alma.  Currently the band members are:  Ian Cohen, Chris Jones,  John Mead, Ken Stacy, Harvey Yen,  Kirk Smith (drums…not PW in case you are trying to remember him from school.)  But Chris is waiting for some surgery. If it is done in time for him to be in shape to play, the band can perform for us. I know we are all hoping that ♥Chris♥ gets what he needs as soon as possible.

Payment Options:

  • Mail a cheque for $75, payable to P.W. Reunion, to

Cathy Smith
#44-10391 No 3 Road
Richmond B.C. V7A 4V2